Physicians & Staff

The physicians and staff of LICDH have been delivering care to patients for more than 35 years. The following physicians perform procedures at Long Island Center for Digestive Health:

Gastroenterology Associates

  • Robert S. Bartolomeo, MD
  • Perry C. Gould, MD
  • Gary J. Schwartz, MD
  • Leonard B. Stein, MD
  • Andrew B. Rosenberg, MD
  • Felice J. Mirsky, MD
  • Eugene Michael Sullivan, DO
  • Jennifer K. Slane, DO
  • Vikram J. Singh, MD
  • Cassandra Sanossian, MD, RD

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Colon & Rectal Health Physicians: 

  • Sanjay P. Jobanputra, MD
  • David E.K. Hong, DO

NW LIJ Anesthesiology Group:

  • Anis, George
  • Leffe, Sabatino
  • Mathias, Shelini
  • Miller, Lindsy
  • Pragani, Mehul
  • Salerno, Anna
  • Tabibian, Pauline
  • Thomas, Megan
  • Wloch, Malwina
  • Verdone, Matthew