The Smartest Pill You’ll Ever Swallow

Until capsule endoscopy came along, the small intestine was always difficult to image and treat without open surgery.

Capsule endoscopy is a diagnostic technology that uses a pill-sized capsule to photograph the inside of the small intestine. The patient swallows the capsule containing one or two miniature video cameras, a light bulb, battery and transmitter.

The capsule travels through the esophagus, stomach and small intestine, taking photographs rapidly. These photographs are transmitted to a small receiver worn by the patient. After approximately 24 hours, the photographs are downloaded to a computer, where they can be reviewed by a qualified member of our team.

It’s important to remember that capsule endoscopy can only help diagnose a problem. If treatment is required, a full endoscopy procedure may be necessary to remove and correct that issue.

In addition to capsule endoscopy, we perform endoscopic and colonoscopic procedures.

Capsule Endoscopy

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