LICDH: Procedure Information

Prior to Your Procedure

  • It is VERY important that you arrange for someone to drive you home.
  • Make sure you read the procedure instructions in advance and be sure to contact your physician if you have any questions.
  • Be sure to leave all jewelry and valuables at home.


Day of Your Procedure

  • Please arrive for your procedure 45 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  • Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, eye-glasses and your medication sheet.
  • Please do not smoke 2 hours prior to procedure.


After Your Procedure

  • The approximate duration of your stay at LICDH is 3 hours from the time of your arrival to the time of your discharge.
  • Your doctor will discuss the findings with you after your examination. It is recommended that a family member or close friend be present during this discussion.
  • If biopsy or polyp specimens have been sent to a pathologist, please contact your physician 10 days after your procedure and he/she will discuss the results with you.