In Advance

  1. Please do not take iron supplements for 1 week prior to test.
  2. Please do not take narcotics for 3 days prior to the test.
  3. Please report to the doctor any history or difficulty swallowing, bowel obstruction or radiation
    to the abdomen.
  4. Please tell the doctor if you have diabetes, a pacemaker or history of slow emptying of the
    stomach (gastroparesis).

The Day before the Examination

  1. Please start a clear liquid diet after 3PM.
  2. Please do not eat red or orange Jell-O.
  3. Please do not have anything to drink after midnight; please discuss timing of your medications
    with your doctor.

The Day of the Examination

  1. Please wear 3 piece, loose fitting clothing.
  2. Please do not eat or drink anything prior to swallowing the capsule; please remember to
    discuss timing of medications with your doctor.
  3. You will be in the office for approximately ½ hour at the start of the test, please return later in
    the day to return the data recorder.
  4. Please avoid strenuous activity and do not bend or stoop. You may walk, sit, or lay down.
  5. Please do not eat or drink for at least 2 hours after swallowing of the capsule.
  6. Two (2) hours after swallowing the capsule you may have clear liquids, but NOT COFFEE,
    TEA, MILK, or JELL-O.
  7. Four (4) hours after swallowing the capsule you may have a light snack and medication.
  8. The test will last up to 8 hours. PLEASE DO NOT disconnect any equipment or remove the
    belt. You may loosen the belt for bathroom needs.
  9. You may see the capsule pass in the stool sometime later.
  10. Please do not schedule an MRI exam until passage of the capsule has been confirmed.
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