Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Preparation

Day before Sigmoidoscopy

  1. You may eat a regular breakfast and lunch. Please finish eating lunch by 1:00 PM
  2. After lunch you should remain on a clear liquid diet. You may have coffee, tea, juice
    (without pulp), Jell-O (without fruit, NOT orange, red or purple), and clear broth.
  3. At 7:00 PM drink 1 bottle (10oz.) of Citrate of Magnesia (can be purchased over the
    counter at a pharmacy.) This may be chilled prior to consumption.

DO NOT drink any liquids 4 hours prior to your appointment.

Day of Sigmoidoscopy

  1. One hour prior to your examination administer one fleet enema (green & white box) or a
    32oz. tap water enema.
  2. Arrive for sigmoidoscopy at scheduled time.
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